26ft (7.9m) Electric Scissor Lift (Narrow)

Working Height – 9.92m

Width – 0.81m

Gross Weight – 1956kg

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Our 26ft Electric Scissor Lifts 

  • Will fit through a standard single door when the rails are folded down with minimal effort.
  • Ground condition: Hard level surface.
  • Lifting capacity: 227
  • Great working height of 9.92m, same width as 19ft Scissor lift
  • It will give you around an extra two metres working height on the 20ft with the same width as a 19ft Electric Scissor Lift.
  • Indoor = 2 people  / Outdoor = 0 people
  • Suitable for most trades including – Concrete Repairers, Steel Erectors and Roofing companies.


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